A little bit of stuff to share

I like to talk about how much stuff there is in the world.

I have too much stuff.

I have a screwdriver I have used exactly twice – both times on my bike. I have (exciting, thrilling, mind-boggling) plans to use it a third time – not even on my bike! But is using a screwdriver three times sufficient to justify my ownership of it?

Another one: the big, prickly, happy-to-grow (maybe a bit too-happy-to-grow) shrub near the back gate is getting bigger than ever. He needs a lesson taught to him. He needs to be trimmed. But buying a secateur just for this one big bush? That seems a bit over the top.

And that’s the kind of situation for which a Library of Things would be absolutely great. A place where tools, gadgets and other, well, things can be borrowed and shared. The Guardian reported on the Library of Things and similar iniatives in London, speaking of a continuing rise in the sharing economy.

I hope they’re right –

Until then, the shrub grows on.

Vaults and house (2)



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