Day 337: An Ode to Carl Jones

Want to be inspired to be a conservationist? Look no further than Carl Jones, who has dedicated his life to birds and, in particular, the rare birds of the island Mauritius. He is credited with saving 5 species from extinction, restoring degraded Mauritian landscapes, and having been a part of the research and/or writing of more than 100 academic articles. Quite the guy!



Carl Jones: an inspirational species-saving conservationist (image from Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust)

Want to know more? Check out:

  • The Guardian’s description of Jones winning the prestigious Indianapolis Prize for conservationists, or the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust’s account of it;
  • His Wikipedia page;
  • Henry Cavill’s blog post on Cavill Conservation about Jones; or
  • An account from the University of Kent on Jones’ winning the Indianapolis Prize.


There’s 365 days in a year (well, kind of), there’s definitely at least 365 ways to be green (definitely). There’s easy ways, and there’s tougher ways. For some, certain approaches to being green may be easier than others. But here we go, let’s try going from being green to being greener still!


2 thoughts on “Day 337: An Ode to Carl Jones

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