Day 331: The Value of Trees

Two months ago David Ferguson reported, with some concern, of the work done by various organisations to quantify the value of trees. The health benefits for ourselves, the carbon-dioxide storing capacities; there’s so much they can do! But, as was the point of Ferguson’s opinion piece: perhaps there is also something unquantifiably valuable in trees. And even if quantification is important to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of trees, it’s equally important we remember the value they hold to us that may never be accounted for in words, numbers and figures, though we attempt to describe it through expression, conversation, poetry and painting!


Van Gogh’s mulberry tree (image from Vincent in Paris)


There’s 365 days in a year (well, kind of), there’s definitely at least 365 ways to be green (definitely). There’s easy ways, and there’s tougher ways. For some, certain approaches to being green may be easier than others. But here we go, let’s try going from being green to being greener still!

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