Day 229: Common Cause for Nature

I’m as guilty of this as many other environmentalists, conservationists, green-thinkers and, really, many of the people who deeply care about nature and try to share that love. I’ve been focusing too much on the rational, economical, scientific and “sustainable” arguments for embracing Earth.

Forgetting why it is that we care for the natural beauties of the planet. Because they impress us, inspire us, bring us to our knees or to tears, provide awesome landscapes for our enjoyment, and so much more.

Let’s remind ourselves of what is is we love about nature (images author’s own)

Common Cause Foundation released a report a few years back in which they pointed out that many UK environmental organisations had been forgetting to embrace the positive in their messages, focusing instead on the problems, or getting people to donate money to their organisation, rather than getting people to share in their love for nature and get our and show it in the real world (i.e. through volunteering, citizen science, enjoying the landscape, and so on). And so the report went on to describe how these organizations scan do better, engage people better, describe the beauty of nature better, and work toward their goals whilst framing their arguments in terms of sharing, community, love, happiness, enjoyment, empathy and so forth, rather than money or competition.

Next time you want to convince someone of taking the environmentally-friendly choice, why not convince them with language of inspiration and care, reminding them how beautiful the world is when it is clean and green, and empowering them to help out.



There’s 365 days in a year (well, kind of), there’s definitely at least 365 ways to be green (definitely). There’s easy ways, and there’s tougher ways. For some, certain approaches to being green may be easier than others. But here we go, let’s try going from being green to being greener still!

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