Day 207: Dutch doing Good

Waste is something we all produce but prefer not to see. So governments and municipalities have to deal with, preferably as quickly as possible, so we don’t have to have it hanging around the house too long. But boy-oh-boy do we produce a lot of waste these days.

Take the Netherlands, for example. According to Zero Waste Europe this country is currently “throwing away 2.4 billion € per year on food waste, that is more than 400€ per household representing more than 20% of the total food in the market.” For more on Dutch waste, check out this information sheet.

But finally consumers are being woken up and people are starting to work toward less waste and more efficient waste processing: take Twence, which uses waste to generate energy in one of the Dutch provinces. Taste the Waste is a German film raising awareness on the issue, and the UK’s WRAP is a charity working between government, business, and other stakeholders in changing not just the way waste is managed, but in whole consumption chain – from how something is designed and produced, to our consumption habits and recycling.


Using waste for energy! (Image from Twence)

Could it be true? Are we finally confronting the immense waste our lifestyles and economies are producing? Let’s hope it is true!

There’s 365 days in a year (well, kind of), there’s definitely at least 365 ways to be green (definitely). There’s easy ways, and there’s tougher ways. For some, certain approaches to being green may be easier than others. But here we go, let’s try going from being green to being greener still!

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